The department of prosthodonticstreats patients with missing or deficient teeth and /or oral and maxillofacial tissues to obtain optimal oral health, function and esthetics using modalities such as complete dentures, removable partial dentures,fixed partial dentures, maxillofacial prosthesis and dental implants. The department is run by qualified dedicated faculty and the teaching program is separately done in the Preclinical, Undergraduate and Postgraduate sections. The teaching programme includes lectures, seminars, group discussions, extensive pre-clinical and clinical teaching. The departmental laboratory is equipped with latest equipment’s such as Induction Casting Machine, Milling Machine, and Ceramic furnace to facilitate all sorts of advanced treatments. Department has a unique museum, seminar room equipped with modern audiovisual aids and the departmental library with ample number of books, dissertations, library dissertations and seminars for reference. The department is also very much active in scientific activities such as arranging and attending CDE programs, seminars, workshops, participation in research projects and publications.


Dr. Vikas B. Kamble M.D.S.Professor & Head
Dr. Raviraj G. Desai M.D.S.Professor
Dr. Kashinath C. Arabbi M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Nagaraj E. M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Nivedita Mankani M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Madhura Mangalvedhekar M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Supriya P. Bijjargi M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Siddharam Patil M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Mahantesh Achanur M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer