Oral pathology is mainly considered as abranch of pathology and speciality of dentistry concerned with the scientific study of the causes and effects of oral diseases.The importance of this department is to provide significant biological information, which can serve the dental students as fundamental source of clinical knowledge. It relates the clinical manifestation of oral diseases to the physiologic and anatomic changes associated with these diseases.The department is known for its standards in oral pathology fraternity.Maximum attention is given to quality teaching to under graduate and post graduate students. The department is also known for remarkable collection of quality histopathological slides,specimen and good achieves of journals and textbooks.

The department is also supplemented with a post graduate clinic equipped with dental chairs, a histopathology and hematology laboratory.Different cases of mucosal lesions,soft and hard tissue pathoses,oral infections,white lesions,oral premalignancies are reviewed with diagnostic acumen.An interdisciplinary approach involving Department of Oral diagnosis and Oral and Maxillofacial surgery,further enhances the quality care to patients.The histopathology laboratory is equipped with a set up for basic investigative pathology that include-aspiration biopsies,exfoliative cytology,biopsies,differential staining, microbial saining etc.


Dr. Sreenivas VanakiM.D.S.Principal
Dr. R.S. PuranikM.D.S.Professor & Head
Dr. Shivakumar M.S.M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Mahadevi Hosur M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Praveen Anigol M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Pramod S. IngaleshwarM.D.S.Sr. Lecturer