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List of Publication

YEAR 2005

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Traumatic Herniation of Buccal Fat Pad (Traumatic Pseudolipoma) in a 4 Year Old Boy: A Case ReportDr Rajiv S.Desai,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki, Dr.Rudrayya S. Puranik,
Dr R Thanuja
J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2005 ; 63:1033-1034
02Dentigerous Cyst Associated with Permanent Central Incisor: A Rare EntityDr. Desai R.S,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Puranik R.S,
Dr Tegginamani A.S.
J Indian Soc Pedo Prev Dent-March 2005: 49-50

YEAR 2006

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01An unusual combination of Idiopathic generalized short root anomaly associated with Microdontia, taurodontia,multiple dens invaginatus ,obliterated pulp chambers and infected cyst :a case reportDr. Rajiv Desai,
Dr. Shrinivas S Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S Puranik,
Dr GS Rashmi
Dr Prakash Nidwani
J Oral Pathol Med 2006;35:407-9

YEAR 2007

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01The clinically N0 neck in oral squamous cell carcinoma : cracking the histopathological code Dr T. V. Narayan,
Dr S Jamadar,
Dr M.S Shivakumar,
Dr B Shreedhar ,
Dr L Mohanty, S. Shenoy
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2007;36(11)
Published online :October 10,2007
02Dentigerous cyst vs Eruption cystDr R S Puranik
Dr S S Vanaki
Australian Dental Journal 2007;52(4): 345
03Oral piercing –A concern to the DentistDr Shrinivas S Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S Puranik,
Dr Gaganjot Kaur
RGUHS Journal Of Dental Sciences 2007;1(1):23-26
04Plasmablastic lymphoma presenting as a gingival growth in a previously undiagnosed HIV positive patient: A case reportDr.Rajiv S Desai,
Dr. Shreenivas.S Vanaki, Dr.R.S Puranik,
Dr.Girish Girraddi,
Dr. Ravikumar Pujari.
J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2007;65:1358-61

YEAR 2008

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Gingival hemangioma with port wine nevi of the faceDr Shridhara B Reddy,
Dr Shiva Prasad BM,
Dr Sudhir R Patil,
Dr Nagaraj B Kalburgi
Dr.S.S Vanaki,
Dr.R.S Puranik
New York State Dental Journal March 2008, p44-46
02Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma and Pyogenic Granuloma are they interrelated? Dr Shiva Prasad BM,
Dr Shridhara B Reddy
Dr Sudhir R Patil,
Dr Nagaraj B Kalburgi,
Dr.R.S Puranik
New York State Dental Journal(NYSDJ) March 2008:50-52.

YEAR 2010

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Demonstration of root canal morphology of human permanent teeth using transparent tooth model systemDr Mahesh Maralingannavar,
Dr Rajiv S.Desai,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Chaitra Halakatti
International Journal of Contemporary Dentistry 2010;1(3):18-21
02Dentigerous cyst occurring in maxilla associated with supernumerary tooth showing cholesterol clefts-A case report.Dr Naveen Kumar M,
Dr Ramadevi S,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik
International Journal of Dental Clinics 2010;2(2)-39-42
03Schwannoma of Parapharyngeal SpaceDr Girish Giraddi,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik.
J. Maxillofac. Oral Surg.2010 9(2):182-185
04Syndecan-1 Expression in Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Concurrent with Survival Rate.Dr Bhagirathi,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik.
Journal of Pacific Academy Of Higher Education and Research 2010: Vol (1 ):44-49
05Localized Gingval Growths: Do they Belong To the Common Spectrum Called FROG?Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Surekha R.Puranik.
Australian Dental Journal Aug 2010 p109.

YEAR 2011

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Endodontic Management of Fused Permanent Maxillary Supernumerary Teeth in a Polydactyly PatientDr Kashinath C.Arabbi,
Dr M.S. Shivakumar,
Dr Sagarkar R.Anitha,
Dr K.G Rajeev.
BFUDJ 2011;( 2):83-84
02Multiple Accessory Cusps in Mandibular Permanent Dentition: A Case ReportDr Shivakumar M.S,
Dr Yogesh T.L,
Dr Sowmya S.V,
Dr Kashinath C.Arabbi.
RGUHS J Dent. Sciences, Septembet 2011;3(3):43-47
03Periodontal Bone Loss and Extensive Gingival Bleeding in Parenchymal Liver Diseases and Portal Hypertension-A Case Report. , Dr Yogesh T.L,
Dr Vijaya Raghava,
Dr Shivakumar M.S
Journal of Pearldent 2011;2(3) : 95-97
04Bilateral Talon’s Cusps With Partial Anodontia and Fissured Tongue- A Case Report.Dr Yogesh T.L,
Dr Sowmya S.V,
Dr Archana Mukanda,
Dr Shivakumar M.S.
Dental Era –A Journal of Dentistry May 2011 vol 1,No1
05Oral Candida Carriage, Quantification and Species Charecterization In Oral Submucous Fibrosis Patients and Healthy Individuals.Dr Mamata S.Kamat, Dr Srinivas S.Vanaki, Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik, Dr Surekha R.Puranik,
Dr Ramanpreet Kaur.
Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry(2011);2:1-5
06Enamel Hypoplasia and its Correlation with Dental Caries in School Children of Bagalkot,Karnataka.Dr Jose Joy Idiculla,
Dr V R .Brave,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki.
Journal of Oral Health and Community Dentistry January 2011:5(1) :31-36
07Role of Angiogenesis in oral squamous cell carcinoma development and metastasis: An Immunohistochemical Study.Dr Shivakumar M.S.
Dr Narayan Tondikulam Venkataraman,
Dr Balasundari Shreedhar,
Dr Leeky Mohanty,
Dr Sadhana Shenoy.
Int J Oral Sci (2011) 3:216-224

YEAR 2012

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Intramuscular Haemangioma of Tongue: A Rare Case Report.Dr Mamata Kamat,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Srinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Surekha R.Puranik.
RGUHS J Dent. Sciences 2012; 4( 2):99-101
02Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor of the Maxilla: Report of A Rare Case and Review Of Literature.Dr A Nagaraja,
Dr Praveen S. Anigol,
Dr Venkatesh V.Kamath,
Dr Krishanand P.Setlur.
World J Dent2012; 3(1) : 100-108.
03Oral piercing: A risky fashionPramod RC,
Suresh KV,
Vidya Kadashetti,
Shivakumar KM,
Pramod S Ingaleshwar,
Sharan J Shetty
Journal of Education and Ethics in Dentistry.July-December 2012;2(2)
04GNAS1 Mutations are Hallmark Expressions of Fibrous DysplasiaDr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Surekha R.Puranik
Dr Srinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr. Mahadevi B.Hosur
J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2012;70: 1768-1770

YEAR 2013

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Histomorphometric Analysis of Vascularity in Normal Buccal Mucosa, Leukoplakia and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Buccal MucosaDr Ravi Kumar V.Pujari,
Dr Srinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Rajiv S. Desai,
Dr Naveen Motupalli.
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology 2013;17(3):
02Comparative Estimation of Salivary Aspartate Aminotransferase Levels in Patients with varying Periodontal Conditions- A Clinico-Chemical Study.Dr Bhagyashri N.Vanaki,
Dr Sudhir R.Patil,
Dr Praveen S.Anigol,
Dr Nagaraj B.Kalburgi,
Dr Narayan R.Vanaki.
IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, (May-June) 2013, Volume 7, Issue 5, p21-24.
03Ezrin, Radixin and Moesin: Minor Molecule with Major Impact: A ReviewDr Deshant Agarwal,
Dr Manas Bajpai,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik.
IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, (March- April) 2013.Volume 5, Issue 3
04A Substantative review on tobacco use among school going adolescents in India. Dr Anitha R.Sagarkar,
Dr Roshan M.Sagarkar,
Dr Kashinath C.Arabbi, Dr Shivakumar M.S.
Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry .January-June 2013;.3(1):7-11.
05Myoepithelial cells: Current perspectives in
salivary gland tumors
C. Pramod Redder,
V. Suresh Kandagal,
Nupura Vibhute,
Pramod S. Ingaleshwar,
Sharan J. Shetty,
Sameer Ahamad
Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal.April-June 2013;2(2)
06Aggressive fibromatosis of the infratemporal
Samir Ahmed,
R. C. Pramod,
Sharan J. Shetty,
Pramod S. Ingaleshwar
Dentistry and Medical Research.Jul-Dec 2013;1(1)

YEAR 2014

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Micronuclei as prognostic indicators in oral cytological smears: A comparison between smokers And non-Smokers. Dr Venkatesh Vishwanath Kamat,
Dr Praveen Anigol,
Dr Krishnanand Setlur.
Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal. Jan-Feb 2014 Vol.3 Issue 1.p49
02Comparative evaluation of immunohistochemistry, histopathology and conventional radiography in differentiating periapical lesions.Dr Prahlad A.Saraf,
Dr Sharad Kamat,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Surekha R.Puranik,
Dr Suma P Saraf,
Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh.
Journal of Conservative Dentistry. March-April 2014 ;.17(2): 164-168
03A Comparative study of oral candidal species carriage In patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.Dr Mangesh P.Shenoy,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Surekha R.Puranik,
Dr Pushparaja Shetty,
Dr Radhika Shenoy.
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology.2014 ; .18 ( Supplement 1) : 60-65
04Computer assisted histomorphologic comparision and the Expression of AgNORs in the central and peripheral gaint cell lesions of the oral cavity and gaint cell tumor of the long Bone.Dr Bina Kashyap,
Dr Sridhar P Reddy,
Dr Rajiv Desai,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Shrinivas S.Vanaki.
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. September 2014;.18 (Supplement 1 ):54-59
05Comparative analysis of cell proliferation ratio in plaque and erosive
oral lichen planus: An immunohistochemical study
Pramod Redder C,
Siddharth Pandit,
Dinkar Desai,
Suresh Kandagal V,
Pramod S. Ingaleshwar,
Sharan J. Shetty,
Nupura Vibhute
Dental Research Journal.May 2014;11(3).
06The Profile of Red Cell Distribution Width and some Hematological Parameters in Patients of Oral Submucous Fibrosis(Abstract)Dr Anuraag A.S,
Dr Rudrayya S.Puranik,
Dr Srinivas S.Vanaki,
Dr Shivakumar M.S,
Dr Mahadevi B.
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Vol.18 Special Issue Nov 2014
07Immunohistochemical Assessment of Proliferating
Cell Nuclear Antigen Protein Expression in Plaque,
Reticular and Erosive Types of Oral Lichen Planus
Pramod RC, Pandit S,
Desai D,
Suresh KV,
Ingaleshwar PS,
Shetty SJ,
Ahamad S
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research.Jul-Aug 2014;4(4)
08Amelogenin in odontogenic cysts and tumors: An immunohistochemical studyPraveen Anigol,
Venkatesh V Kamath,
Krishnanand Satelur,
Nagaraja Anand,
Komali Yerlagudda
National Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery:2014;5:172-9

YEAR 2015

Sl.No,sArticle nameAuthor(s)Journal Details
01Epidermal inclusion cyst of buccal mucosa: A rare case report.Dr Shivakumar M.S,
Dr T. L. Yogesh,
Dr Tejavathi Nagaraj,
Dr Pooja Sinha.
International Journal of Medical and Dental Case Reports 2015;1-3
02The expression of Cathepsin-D in odontogenic cysts and tumors: Immunohistochemistry study.Dr Yogesh Lakkasetty,
Dr Narayan Venkatraman,
Dr Balasundari Shreedhar,
Dr Sashidhara,
Dr Leeky Mohanty,
Dr Shivakumar M.S.
Journal of Advanced Clinical and Research Insights. March-April 2015;2:67-71
03Rhinoscleroma of Nose Extruding into Oral CavityDr Preethi Nayak,
Dr Pramod R.C,
Dr Suresh K.V,
Dr Dinakar Desai,
Dr Siddhart Pandit,
Dr Pramod S. Ingaleshwar.
Journal of the College Of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 2015, Vol.25, June 2015.
04Congenitally Missing Maxillary Primary Canines with Impacted SuccessorsDr Mahesh Shenoy,
Dr T L.Yogesh,
Dr Shivakumar M S.
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Journal, July-December 2015;6(2):643-645