Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

The department of conservative dentistry and endodontics is one of the premier departments in the college, known for its exceptional quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education programs. The department services aims towards the enhancement of oral health through acquisition, dissemination and use of restorative, esthetic and endodontic knowledge.

The department has state of art with specialized equipments, phantom head lab with simulators and necessary accessories including direct filling gold, bonded amalgam, thermoplasticized obturation systems, radiovisiography (RVG) and various endomotors. The department aims to inspire students to learn the most sophisticated techniques and to deliver a comprehensive treatment like recent adhesive techniques, root canal treatment, full mouth rehabilitation, veneering, bleaching and regenerative endodontics.


Dr. Jayaprakash D. Patil M.D.S.Professor & Head
Dr. Saritha V. M.D.S.Professor
Dr. Prahlad A. Saraf M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Shrishail Totad M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Laxmikant Kamatagi M.D.S.Reader
Dr. B. S. Patil M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Sandhya A. Khasnis M.D.S.Reader
Dr. Perm Prakash Kar M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Keerti S. Allappanavar M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Malasiddappa S. Metri M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Sneha S. Vanaki M.D.S.Sr. Lecturer